I have many questions from the second episode of The 100’s Season 3. But I don’t feel like asking any of them except: Is Roan the new Bellamy? Now, at first glance, the obvious answer is “No, lady. You are on drugs. Bellamy is a beautiful snowflake and can never be replicated in all of […]

Let’s begin this post with a big ol’ woppin’ SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! This past spring I was introduced by my biffle to the CW’s sci-fi teen drama “The 100”, based loosely on some young adults novels written by Kass Morgan. As someone who is neither very interested in young adult dystopian novels nor current teen dramas […]

Velkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! Let me start off by apologizing for not posting anything since November. Oops. My only excuse is that not only was I very busy dealing with the holidays (buying presents, working in retail in order to pay for said presents, traveling to see family and friends, eating more than any human should […]