I watched Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”. I get it. Lord, do I get it now. A music-video/film/visual album/confessional/personal diary/love letter is just the kind of epic, genre-breaking work I’ve come to expect from Beyoncé. Maybe someday I’ll be ready to talk about it, but that day is not here yet. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I’m going to […]

Built around 1840 in Orange County, North Carolina, the Smith-Cole House is a four bedroom, 3 bath classic antebellum federal style farmhouse. On the market now for $1,395,000, the last time this Chapel Hill home was for sale was back in 2002, when it went for $875,000 to award-winning historic home preservationist Diane Eckland. Well, […]

French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve’s newest film opens by informing the audience that the word “sicario” is not just a modern term for a hitman, but also a word dating back to Ancient Rome. The Sicarii, roughly translated as “dagger-men”, were a group of Jewish extremists who fought against the Roman occupation of Judea. The Sicarii […]

As I’ve been nearing the end of my graduate school application and acceptance process, my partner in life and I have been diligently researching the prospective cities of our future occupation. When I say diligently researching, this really means that Dan has been checking craigslist for living situations that fit realistically in our budget while […]

One of my biggest decor pet peeves is the use of letters and single words as decoration. Like giant cursive letters that say “Family” to hang above the couch…on which said family sits every night and tunes each other out. Or each family member’s name hanging somewhere in their bedroom, as if afraid that one […]

While doing my research on Sotra, a Saudi Arabian fashion brand featured in Dubai’s Fashion Week recently, I came across the word “thobe” or “thawb”. The standard Arabic word for “garment”, it usually refers to an ankle-length, long-sleeved tunic/robe. While Jeddah-based Sotra was originally started as a tunic-only brand, its uses of traditional designs with […]

Heinola is a fairly old town located only an hour and a half northeast of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It has a scenic waterfront setting with the Jyrängönvirta River flowing through it and is Finland’s jumping off point for the scenic summer lake cruises. Best of all, Heinola hosted the Sauna World Championships from […]

Yaa Gyasi’s debut novel Homegoing is set to be published this upcoming June. She is only 26 years old and has managed to score a seven figure deal for her first book. Sometimes the bidding wars surrounding book deals are indicative of a book’s value and sometimes they are not (cough Garth Risk Hallberg’s City […]