*As a quick note, the links I’ve added for purchasing physical books will direct you to my favorite local indie bookstore in Central North Carolina, Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, but finding independent bookstores near you is very easy…just do a search here. I am also linking the e-books to the kobo reading app, which […]

I’m not giving anything away when I say that My Last Continent by Midge Raymond is a romantic tragedy. Very early on in reading this novel the reader is told that there is going to be a deadly shipwreck off of Antarctica resulting in the deaths of 715 passengers, crew members and rescuers at some […]

Wintering begins when elderly Harry Eide disappears from his sickbed and vanishes into the forbidding, northernmost wilderness that surrounds the town of Gunflint, Minnesota…a wilderness he has known his whole life. He’d done this once before, more than thirty years earlier. In 1963, Harry pitched this audacious, potentially fatal scheme to his eighteen-year-old son Gustav […]

I watched Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”. I get it. Lord, do I get it now. A music-video/film/visual album/confessional/personal diary/love letter is just the kind of epic, genre-breaking work I’ve come to expect from Beyoncé. Maybe someday I’ll be ready to talk about it, but that day is not here yet. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I’m going to […]

Yaa Gyasi’s debut novel Homegoing is set to be published this upcoming June. She is only 26 years old and has managed to score a seven figure deal for her first book. Sometimes the bidding wars surrounding book deals are indicative of a book’s value and sometimes they are not (cough Garth Risk Hallberg’s City […]

As the former director of a monthly first editions fiction bookclub and a current reader on the selection committee for one, I have been asked more than once just what literary fiction actually is. The stock answer that I generally give people is that it is character-driven fiction as opposed to fiction primarily driven by […]