House of the Week: Aspelund Farm

I am starting a new tradition here. Once a week I will attempt to post one home worthy of the Taste Maven Stamp of Approval. Knowing myself it will likely only last for a couple of weeks, but hopefully those weeks will be full of joy and wonder for us all. Let’s christen this new tradition with a featured home from a oft-featured country…NORWAY!



Aspelund Farm is located on the western banks of Oslofjorden. According to Google Maps (which is a willing participant in my attempts to configure imaginary commutes from imaginary homes to imaginary workplaces), it is a paltry 30-minute drive from downtown Oslo, or 40 minutes by bus. Having taken public transportation in Norway, I can actually say that the idea of commuting by bus is not that bad.

It’s a Swiss-style home, which was quite popular in Norway from the 1840s to the 1920s. The house itself was built sometime in the 1860s and has been very well taken care of over time. It also benefits from being next to some large farm tracts, which gives the property an unadulterated view of the fjord/sea.

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How much for this jewel, you ask? The asking price is 7,950,000 kroner, which sounds like an incredible amount but is actually equal to around $936,000 US dollars.

If you’d like to see the Norwegian listing for this beautiful home that combines history and tradition with modern comforts, click here.


  1. ann

    March 16, 2016

    What a beautiful place! Really nice if one wishes to live in Norway. Hmm. Very high taxes.

    • Nancy author

      March 20, 2016

      Free education and healthcare are a plus!

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