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Let me start off by apologizing for not posting anything since November. Oops. My only excuse is that not only was I very busy dealing with the holidays (buying presents, working in retail in order to pay for said presents, traveling to see family and friends, eating more than any human should eat), but I’ve also been applying to a number of graduate school programs all across the country. Some applications are easier than others, but no applications have been quick or easy. I am nearing the end of the application process…thank the LAWD…

and this means that I can now start to pull my head back out of my butt and indulge in my usual internet-based procrastinations.

And so, dear reader, I bring to you the first pictures of Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2016 collection. Technically, these are part of the “pre-fall” collection. Whether the “pre” refers to the introductory manner of the clothing pieces concerning the full collection or the time of year the clothing pieces are going to be coming out…I haven’t a clue.esmee

While I almost NEVER suggest following any models on Instagram, due to the intense feelings of inadequacy that tend to follow, I loved the looks of the woman modeling this collection so much that I had to look her up on social media to properly drool over her genetics. Dutch-model Esmee Middel can be found on Instagram here (@esmee.middel).

From what I have seen so far, this collection will not be vegan or PETA friendly (a shock…since high fashion has always been so conscientious) with fox stoles and mink coats, belts of alligator skin, and a clutch made of pony-hair and python. It is certainly fall-appropriate with a wealth of what I consider Harvest colors: goldenrod yellow, bright poppy and rich cranberry, toasted tans and almonds…I’m making myself hungry again. The accessories are also in-theme with gold leaves and jewel-encrusted insects.

Mixing patterns, fabrics and colors, this fall collection includes tapered peplum waists, pencil and A-line skirts, expert draping and pin-tucking, flower embroidery, black and red radzimir, tweed and black lace, and long leather gloves.

I’m sure none of us can afford any of these treasures, so enjoy with your eyeballs and not with your wallets!



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