One of my biggest decor pet peeves is the use of letters and single words as decoration. Like giant cursive letters that say “Family” to hang above the couch…on which said family sits every night and tunes each other out. Or each family member’s name hanging somewhere in their bedroom, as if afraid that one […]

While doing my research on Sotra, a Saudi Arabian fashion brand featured in Dubai’s Fashion Week recently, I came across the word “thobe” or “thawb”. The standard Arabic word for “garment”, it usually refers to an ankle-length, long-sleeved tunic/robe. While Jeddah-based Sotra was originally started as a tunic-only brand, its uses of traditional designs with […]

Heinola is a fairly old town located only an hour and a half northeast of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It has a scenic waterfront setting with the Jyrängönvirta River flowing through it and is Finland’s jumping off point for the scenic summer lake cruises. Best of all, Heinola hosted the Sauna World Championships from […]

Yaa Gyasi’s debut novel Homegoing is set to be published this upcoming June. She is only 26 years old and has managed to score a seven figure deal for her first book. Sometimes the bidding wars surrounding book deals are indicative of a book’s value and sometimes they are not (cough Garth Risk Hallberg’s City […]

SPOILER ALERT!!!! The following post will be about a pretty important plot point that occurred during season 3 episode 9 of The CW’s “The 100”, titled “Stealing Fire”. If you haven’t watched it yet/don’t want to hear about it…then you’re shit outta luck. Lincoln’s death means a lot for “The 100″…and pretty much none of […]

I am taking my House of the Week directly from the pages of T Magazine, the New York Times’s new style magazine. The deputy editor of T Magazine is none other than the incomparable Hanya Yanagihara, author of The People in the Trees and A Little Life. For anyone who has read A Little Life, […]

As villages go, Grand View-on-Hudson is exactly what it sounds like. Smack dab on the western shore of the Hudson River in Rockland County, New York, the steep slopes of the Palisades and the lack of development or tall buildings to obstruct views help visitors see the Hudson Valley as it must have been over […]

I am starting a new tradition here. Once a week I will attempt to post one home worthy of the Taste Maven Stamp of Approval. Knowing myself it will likely only last for a couple of weeks, but hopefully those weeks will be full of joy and wonder for us all. Let’s christen this new […]

Fashion shows are not all that different from sporting events. There are seasons, which professionals spend months preparing for. Actual events are short in duration when compared to the hours of preparation that went into them. Attendance of the events are second to coverage of the events on social media. They are industries that rely […]


I did not watch the Oscars last night. And I’m not sorry. As much as I used to love critiquing the fashion on the red carpet I find myself unable to watch something that feels akin to wading through a knee-high pile of bullshit in search of skipping stones underneath. Every person there is either […]