I’m not going to say much about this collection, because I’m pretty sure most people have already heard of Valentino, even if you live in a pineapple under the sea. Obviously, none of these dresses are things I could ever wear in my real life, so instead I like to imagine myself as the queen of some sort of fantasy Byzantine-Grecian-Renaissance land where I stroll from garden to throne room to secret passageway in these fabulously delicate yet stern outfits. And don’t forget the crown, bitches.

If you enjoyed this collection, I highly suggest you wander on over to one of my favorite fashion/costume/fantasy tumblrs, A Game of Clothes, which imagines the world of “A Song of Ice and Fire” in terms of today’s haute couture using equally sour-faced models.

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  1. ann

    November 15, 2015

    Call me Guinevere, but I would love to wear the little black one-shouldered with the black-on-black trellis-y skirt. Perhaps not to the Prom but somewhere. Bowling Night, peut-etre?

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