House of the Week: Lady of the Valley

Me and the Kween

Me and the Kween

I am taking my House of the Week directly from the pages of T Magazine, the New York Times’s new style magazine. The deputy editor of T Magazine is none other than the incomparable Hanya Yanagihara, author of The People in the Trees and A Little Life. For anyone who has read A Little Life, Hanya might be more recognizable as the author who crushed their soul. In a good way. I know who I’m hoping wins the Pulitzer this year. Oh, and did I mention that I met Hanya? And that she made my crush permanent by wearing a gem-covered frog ring? And so, as I will diligently follow wherever Hanya goes, whether it’s Condé Nast Traveler or T Magazine, I dutifully checked out an article titled “An English Decorator’s Poetic Home in the Welsh Countryside”.

So I have no idea how much this home costs, when it was built, or even the exact town its in. But I do know that I love it. Long considered to be the inspiration to The Rolling Stones’s song “Lady Jane”, Jane Ormsby-Gore has lived a life both aristocratic and bohemian. T Magazine‘s Andrew O’Hagan describes the duality of her home by saying,  “In the old prints and the mossy greens and the disheveled curtains, there’s something of the girl who was the daughter of a baron, but the other girl, the one who smoked pot and swung with the 1960s, is present in the sudden reds and the photographs of a foggy postwar London giving out to new experiences.”

And so enjoy Jane Ormsby-Gore’s eclectic Welsh country estate, and let’s give a thanks to Martin Morrell and Rita Konig for these fabulous photographs:

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  1. ann

    March 30, 2016

    Absolutely just my style. Made possible, no doubt, by a treasure trove of inherited English stuff and at least one daily “char” who comes in from the village, a gardener (ditto) and groom for the pinto pal. All made to appear effortless. If only.

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