Paris Fashion Week Fall & Winter Couture 2016

From the cool comfort of an air-conditioned living room, I have spent the last week…my first week in North Carolina…avidly patrolling fashion news websites in anticipation of all the judgement I would pass because it was fashion week in gay Paree. And in between bites of some of the best barbecue I’ve ever had, I managed to compile this short collection of what are…in my honest and eternally superior opinion…the best designs from the upcoming fall and winter couture collections showcased in Paris.

Francesco Scognamiglio – This Neopolitan designer puts the rock into rococo…his pieces have been worn and loved by some of the more outrageous celebrities like Madonna and Lady Gaga. Not exactly the most functional, but full of flair!

Alberta Ferretti – A demi couture collection from another Italian designer, this season’s designs are certainly giving us our fix of rococo dresses. Now I’m not a huge fan of fringe, but the movement created by these dresses is pretty fun. And a few of these dresses are DEFINITELY getting added to my collection of gowns I would wear as a Westeros lady. (I may be binge-watching GoT right now)

Giambattista Valli – Our third Italian designer of the post showcased his haute couture collection of frothy shoulders and high necks attached to sheath dresses…making it a ’60s mod meets renaissance experience accented with tulle explosions.

Valentino – The number of gowns that Valentino has designed that would be featured in my Westeros wardrobe is absurdly high, and this collection is a perfect example as to why. Valentino designs are almost impossible to imagine being worn in the modern world as they are almost always historically inspired and more costumery than clothing. This haute couture collection is full of high white ruffs, doublets, bodices, puffed sleeves, and clerical robes reminiscent of the Catholic renaissance imagery all over Rome. Valentino continues to be one of my favorites.

Yulia Yanina – This Russian designer, known for sleek and powerful designs, showcased a peacock-inspired couture collection with feather adornments, peacock eyes and jewel-tones.

Guo Pei – This haute couture designer is one to watch…her designs are hit or miss for me and many of the ones from this collection are not being featured because they were in fact a big miss for me…bizarre Disney princess/villainess gowns. My favorite pieces, however, are Guo Pei’s Gatsbyesque art deco fantasies.

And with that, I will let you fly free, my little birdies, to cultivate your own collections of couture to wear in your imaginary house in Westeros! Bon voyage and valar morghulis!

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